Life as an Intern: Grace

Internship Update 3: What is life like as an intern? Are you meeting other interns? What types of social activities have you participated in? What are some things the company/site has done to make you feel part of the team?

The nine interns at this internship have been assigned to the two teams that work on the Data and Reporting Process: MIG and PRG. Myself and three other interns work on the PRG team. Analysts will often come to us asking for our help with running and bundling reports, setting up and updating benchmarks, and other assignments that ease up their workload. Because of this, our intern workload is somewhat dependent on other analysts, making the intern life somewhat touch and go. However, we have other assignments that have been built into the internship such as monthly presentations. We’ve been gearing up for our final 45-min presentation in which PRG and MIG interns work together. Another collaborative project was the community service dog-toy making party we had a month ago. This assignment brought the PRG and MIG teams together as they all donated rags and shirts for this event and came out during their lunch break to make dog toys!

The teams that we work with here at Cambridge have been so welcoming! We often have coffee breaks with our mentors on slow days. Some individual teams that we get assigned to will include us on their breakfast calendar and surprise us with free food in the morning which is always fun! The PRG team is doing a competitive scavenger hunt in Dupont Circle soon from 1-3 pm with Happy Hour from 3-5; we’ve been separated into different themed teams which is a fun bonus! Last but not least, the company paid for our tickets to a Nats game awhile back which was a great time!

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