Ashley’s Final Post

This summer I stayed on campus at CNU and commuted around 40 minutes each way.  Although this commute was challenging some days, it was well worth it to live on campus.  After work, I would come back to Newport News and grab some dinner.  Some of my favorite restaurants in this area are Bob-Bob, Zoë’s Kitchen, and Plaza Azteca.  If I choose to grab dinner in Chesapeake instead, I always head to Surf Rider. Surf Rider is a seafood restaurant that has amazing crab cakes.  If anyone is in the Chesapeake area, I highly recommend that restaurant. Thankfully, a few of my friends and my roommate are also staying on campus so it’s nice to have some company.  We all like to ride bikes around the area or walk around the Noland Trail together if we have time after dinner.  On the weekends, I usually head to either the beach, Richmond, or Lake Anna.  I love wakeboarding and other water sports so I head to Lake Anna any chance I get.  I love my job but it’s always nice to wind down and chill in my dorm room after a long day!

These past ten weeks have been such a blessing and an amazing experience.  I remember Google searching what a claims adjuster was just days before my internship.  I came into this role with no knowledge of anything insurance related which was pretty scary.  The biggest lesson I learned was to take risks and don’t rule a job out until you’ve tried it. I pushed myself and took a risk by stepping out of my comfort zone by trying something new and I am so happy that I did.
Not only have I learned all about insurance but now I know all about car parts, how to read and understand legal documents, how to communicate with attorneys, and so much more practical knowledge that will benefit me throughout my career path.  This internship was so much more than just a summer job to put on my resume.  I have gained great interpersonal skills by learning how to communicate effectively with leaders in a Fortune 500 company.  I got experience presenting to Executive Vice Presidents and developed leadership skills and had a blast while doing so.
I was blessed to receive a full time offer from USAA contingent upon my graduation. This was such an honor and I am thrilled to come back and work for such an outstanding company.  Some advice to other students would be to find  a company that you are proud to work for and that reflects your personal values and beliefs.  Try something new and push your personal boundaries.  And most importantly, no matter what role or position you are in, add value and contribute whenever you can.

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