Grace’s Final Post

During my internship, I was living in Arlington, VA. It’s an interesting mix between a city and the suburbs which I loved. There were many restaurants where I lived so trying new food was always fun. I enjoyed being able to walk everywhere or hop on the bus and get around the city. I was also very close to DC so I visited DuPont Circle several times. I was able to explore some cool bookstores in DC. My company also hosted our scavenger hunt in DuPont Circle which allowed me to see other areas I hadn’t yet explored.

During my 10-week internship, I had the opportunity to work in a field in which I had no prior experience. Working for Cambridge Associates opened my eyes to what career path I wanted to pursue post-graduation. Even though I had a different academic/experiential background, the training week was really informative and helpful, thus allowing me to thrive in my position. That reassured me to not limit myself to jobs in my major, psychology, field. With the right training, I’m confident in my ability to thrive in many different positions. I got some more experience working with people I may not have necessarily gotten along with. While this posed as a hardship, it was an important lesson for me to be exposed to as I prepare to enter the workforce in a couple months. My advice to other interns is to not limit themselves to internships in their field; you’ll be surprised how much you can learn in a different area.

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