Picture Yourself as a CCP Intern!

Do you want to develop professional skills, expand your network, and have flexibility in what you create, all while being surrounded by people who genuinely care about your future?

Do you love talking to people?

There are so many perks of being an intern at the Center for Career Planning! Yes you build connections, expand your network, make new friendships, learn a lot, build your portfolio and resume, and get advice left and right from career counselors, but this is not like any other internship. Here are some of my favorite parts of being an intern that you only get to experience as an intern.

  1. You get to be golf-cart certified!! (This alone should be a major incentive)
  2. You have so many opportunities to talk to different employers without the pressure of having a job on the line. Your role as an intern includes helping recruiters get settled in. This can benefit you so many ways because the employers get to see how helpful you are, which leaves a lasting impression.
  3. Polly will fill up the candy bowl at the front desk every now and then.
  4. You can get to work closely with our amazing professional staff. They always have a lot of wisdom and advice to share and they actually care about you!
  5. You get to work on fun projects and brainstorm ways to promote the CCP to students.
  6. You have the best view of campus from the front desk.
  7. You get to make new friends.
  8. You get a fancy silver name-tag with your name engraved on it.
  9. Sometimes you’ll get free food: cookies, brownies, cupcakes, chips, muffins, breakfast casseroles, etc.
  10. Last but not least, you get to grow close to the professional staff and fellow interns.

If any of those above sound interesting or exciting to you, apply to be an intern at the Center for Career Planning today!



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