Learn about Internships and Jobs through Campus Interviews

Are you a senior looking for a full-time job? Interested in a summer internship? Participating in on-campus interviews is an excellent way to learn more about the companies that are hiring and your options for jobs or internships. Log into Career Connect to learn the details and apply! All applications are due by midnight on Thursday, 9/28 (except Target – 12 pm on 9/25)! Plan to meet these employers at the Career Fair as well!

Paige’s Final Post

I just moved into my first off-campus apartment in City Center!  This was my first summer away from home (Northern Virginia), and I truly enjoyed exploring Newport News more than I ever had before.  Venturing into the city for things like errands and doctor’s appointments felt foreign before, but now that I no longer live on campus, I know where everything is and feel much more confident in my ability to navigate!  It only took me two years. 😉

I have made it a habit to take laps around the City Center fountain every evening since I spend so much of my day sitting.  I often go alone, with a friend, or I bring my roommate’s dog Samson along!  City Center has live music at Cove Tavern on Friday nights in the summer, which has been fun to attend and to hear from my apartment.  Since most of my friends went home for the summer, I made an extra effort to meet my new neighbors and go out to dinner with them often.  I have really enjoyed building personal relationships with individuals of all ages.

I love Chipotle (I learned how to make one burrito bowl stretch into two meals…), Cracker Barrel, Schooner’s, and BJ’s Brewhouse.  I also just discovered (and now love) Yannas’ Taverna, a small Greek restaurant at the corner of Warwick and City Center Blvd – 10/10 would recommend!

I have learned and grown so much from my internship with the CNU Center for Career Planning this summer.  I can’t thank Libby and Andy enough for hiring me and all of the staff members for mentoring me throughout my fifteen weeks with the CCP!  Here is the biggest lesson I would really like to share:

Don’t underestimate yourself.  You are your biggest advocate.  At the end of the day, you know your skills, talents, abilities, and limits better than anyone else.  Showcase your strengths in everything you do and work to strengthen your weaknesses as often as possible.  Make the most of whatever opportunity presents itself to you.  You will surprise yourself.  Keep pushing, keep learning, keep growing.

Although the career services field is not for me, the research aspect of my internship really solidified my decision to continue research in psychology and pursue a graduate degree.  To other students, believe in yourself.  When you fall, get right back up.  There are thousands of Captains supporting you all the way.




Kayla’s Final Post

I am living right in the heart on mid-town east! The subway is just a few blocks up and I can be anywhere in the city in 40 minutes. New York has really awesome markets and concerts going on during the summer. I really love going out on the weekends and walking down the 5 block long open-air market. There are so many handmade crafts and different foods to try. One of my favorite things I have done this summer is sit in the park with friends listening to a free concert. I have also become a regular at the french bistro across the street from my apartment for Saturday brunch. The caprese avocado is by far my favorite! I also made it my mission to try all the different flavored eclairs from the eclair bakery around the corner. So far I have tried a bunch and my favorite are the dark choctaw and the mixed berry come in a close second.
One of the most beneficial skills I gained from the experiences this summer was navigating public transportation. I did not have a car in the city and had very little experience with public transportation. As silly as it seems, being able to navigate the subway and bus system by myself has really given me the confidence to be able to live in a city more permanently by myself. I am also coming out of this summer with a deep understanding of practical goal setting. The mental aspect of dancing each day for 8 hours really is much more challenging than the physical. While overcoming muscular soreness is hard, but achievable, getting out of bed every day at 6:15am and being fully mentally present in each and every dance class for the entire day was much more difficult. So I learned to set very specific and achievable daily goals for each class. Some days my goal would be to improve a skill on a certain side and some days my goal would be to simply not yawn in class. But setting these goals made every day feel like a step forward versus a step back or stagnation.
After spending two months dancing in New York this summer I have decided to apply for graduate school right outside the city. I will be applying to a Dance and Movement Therapy Master’s program in hopes of working with children with developmental disabilities. I am also hoping to continue to study the rich history that underlines modern dance and eventually audition for the Martha Graham Certificate Program and become certified to teach the technique.
My biggest advice to students seeking what they want to do after graduation is to ask yourself the question- do I want to be rich in experience or money? I do not personally think the question has a right or wrong answer, but is something I had to ask myself multiple times this summer. I know being a professional dancer or even a dance therapist, I will never be rich in money, but I have loved getting to be rich in the experiences I have had this summer and the people I have met because of this profession. Every day I am surrounded by incredibly passionate people who have a hunger to create and I am constantly inspired by them.