Final Career Fair Tips!

Good Afternoon Captains!

Do you know what event we have on January 30 in the 2nd floor of the DSU from 12-3pm? You guessed it! Spring 2018 Fair! In exactly seven days you will wake up in the morning, put on your business professional attire, and step into a room full of prospective employers to embark on your journey to a successful career.

Whether you are super confident or super nervous about the fair, here are a few tips and tricks to get you through:

1.Double/triple check your resume!

The last thing you want is to print off 10+ resumes and hand them off to prospective employers only to find out later on there was a serious typo! A careless typo on a resume may lead the recruiter to think you are unprepared and careless. You probably spent a lot of time typing and deleting words in your resume to perfect it, so make sure you double/triple check your resume and even ask a friend or a career counselor in the CCP to look over it to avoid those silly mistakes. A pair of fresh eyes can catch those mistakes and save you a few cents on printing funds.

The CCP also has different events, workshops, and resources you can use before the fair!

  • Career Cafe Wednesday Jan. 24 & Thursday Jan. 25 & Monday Jan. 29 in Einsteins from 3-4:30pm
  • Bruce Knight Resume Review Thursday Jan. 25 & Friday Jan. 26 in CNH 305 from 1-4pm
  • Resume review appointment with one of our career counselors (Call 757-594-8887 now to make an appointment! We are open M-F 8am-5pm)

2.Prepare your 30-second elevator speech!

This will allow you to maximize your introduction to your dream company. Some information you should have in this speech include your name, what year you are, when you plan to graduate, your major, what type of job/internship you are looking for, what skills you have.

3.Do your company research

Take a few minutes to look through the PROFILE BOOK to get an idea of what employers you want to talk to and the different internship and jobs they are hiring for. If you go to talk to a recruiter after doing a lot of research on their company, you will leave a good impression. This shows the recruiter that you are interested in the company and in the position.

4.Dress for success

This is your opportunity to make a great first impression. Put on your best suit, tie, shoes, skirt, dress, and blazer. Make sure you iron out those wrinkles, tidy out that tie, and clean off your shoes. Dressing for success will allow you to be more confident and the recruiters will think you are well prepared.


The Spring 2018 Fair is a great opportunity for you to network and practice speaking to professionals. Even if you are not searching for an internship or job, it is a great way to get your name out there. We hope to see you on January 30 in the DSU Ballroom from 12-3pm! Be sure to follow our Instagram page @cnu_career, Twitter page @CNU_career, and Facebook page @cnuccp to hear more tips and updates about the fair and what services we have to offer!



Professional Attire

The first steps are complete:  You created a stellar resume, applied for a job, and now have an interview this Friday!  Then… this crisis happens.

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, friends.  The Center for Career Planning is here to help you dress for success!  Here are our tips on wearing professional attire:

  1. Research the company to figure out how they dress on a day-to-day basis.  While wearing a suit is impressive, it’s a little too over-the-top for a cashier position interview.  If the company’s norm is casual, dress a little more tailored – think back to what you wore for your CNU admissions interview.  If the company norm is dressy, make sure to match that.  What you wear says a lot about you.  If you don’t know, it is better to ask your interviewer ahead of time about their ‘dress code’ than just to guess.
  2. Stick to neutral, dark colors like navy, gray, and black.  While bright colors may be in style, you will stand out to your employer by blending in.  The focus should be on you, not your hot pink blazer.
  3. If something is obviously too large or too small, elect against it.  Similarly, do not wear a skirt that is too short – it should hit just above, at, or right below the knee.  Make sure your clothing items are not wrinkly.  Even the most professional-looking outfit will fail if it doesn’t fit correctly or match conservative business norms.  Remember, the goal is to look professional, competent, and capable.
  4. If you love jewelry, pick one simple necklace or bracelet and/or simple earrings.  Again, a job interview is not the time to be flashy.  Your outfit should not be distracting but rather should make you look ready and put-together.
  5. Black, not white, socks.  Don’t forget this, gentlemen!
  6. It is important to appear well-groomed.  Although your attire makes a great first impression, that goes out the window if you look messy.  Keep your hair neat and short, makeup to a minimum and neutral, and nails and facial hair trimmed.  Avoid wacky colored hair dye and shower at least the day before.  Don’t go crazy with perfume or cologne.  Brush your teeth and remember to put on deodorant!

As always, you are more than welcome to stop by the Center for Career Planning (CNH 305) if you would like our second opinion on your interview outfit.  Good luck, Captains!

Researching before the Career Fair is Important!

Here in the office, we are busy getting geared up for the Career Fair — only a few days away!  So that means it is time to get a list of employers ready so you know who you are going to talk to.

First, begin by looking at the Career Fair Profile Book Don’t just look at the company name as you may be surprised to find out what positions they are offering.  The CIA, for example, offers positions ranging from Intelligence to Finance to Graphic Design!  So, conduct your research with an open mind to create your target list of specific companies.

Once you’ve narrowed it down, Google can be your best friend through this research process.  Know a general description of the company, the industry, where they are located, their services offered, and try to determine as much as you can about their culture, ethics and values.

Stalk people. Well maybe not in such a creepy sense, but you should definitely do some prior research on the specific recruiters attending the Fair on LinkedIn.  You can find the employers’ names in the Profile Book and that will indicate if they are a CNU alumni.  Know a bit about their background — where they went to school, their major, previous jobs, or even if they belonged to the same Greek organization or club as you.  It can be helpful to bring up common areas of interest when starting a conversation with them.

Lastly, utilize the company’s social media pages.  Look at the company’s most recent posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Read their latest articles, trends, and job postings. This will help you sound knowledgeable and “speak their language” at the Fair by gaining an understanding of the terminology they use internally.

Final step?   Send the recruiter an e-mail prior to the Fair as this is a great way to have them literally looking for YOU at the event.  Your message can be short and simple.  Just introduce yourself, thank them for taking the time to come to CNU, and let them know that you can’t want to meet them in person to learn more about their company.  Meeting a recruiter is a lot like impressing someone on the first date – the company needs to feel like they are your one and only.  You’ll be shocked at how reciprocal the feelings can be once you’ve knocked their socks off!